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ZIKRR is a Sufi-Rock band by choice, we draw our inspiration from varied aspects of the aforementioned musical genres mixing it with a hint of Bollywood to create a sound which separates us from the rest. We aim to mix both 'Divinity' and 'Groove' to give our listeners an unforgettable experience and Hence our motto, 'Music Jiska Zikrr Ho!'. The main focus is on making music which appeals to both the ‘Almighty’ and Man alike.

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Our musical journey is driven by the constant urge to be the very best at whatever we do.

There’s always a fire burning within each one of us to realise all what we’ve dreamt of as beginners in Music. We may all have our individual off days but we have each other to bring us out of the Rut.

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Our dedications to the angels who make us believe and realise all our Dreams. Maa, had to be the first ever Original Song we released. A special tribute to our Drummer's late mother. The song holds a special place in our hearts..