About The band

Our Biography

ZIKRR is a Sufi-Rock band by choice, we draw our inspiration from varied aspects of the aforementioned musical genres mixing it with a hint of Bollywood to create a sound which separates us from the rest.

We aim to mix both 'Divinity' and 'Groove' to give our listeners an unforgettable experience and Hence our motto, 'Music Jiska Zikrr Ho!'. The main focus is on making music which appeals to both the ‘Almighty’ and Man alike. We combine ‘Divinity’ and ‘Groove’ to make a style of music powerful enough to make feet move and hands to rise. We try and create a melodious yet grungy sound inspired from Hard Rock, Jazz, Blues & Pop immersed in lyrically strong ‘Sufiana’ music. Our sound includes intensively foot tapping grooves, raging Guitar solos, Heavy Bass and Drums and the odd instrumental solo thrown into the Mix.


Our Journey

ZIKRR is based out of Delhi and has been a popular mainstay of the city's Live Music Scene for almost 7 Years now.

The band in its journey has gathered a dedicated following through its music. What Started off as a Jam session between Music School friends has now grown into something so massive that it all seems like a dream, in spite of realising all the efforts, sacrifices and hard work put in to making Zikrr what it is today. In our 7 Year journey, we’ve had our share of ups and downs. Members came, Stayed, Created a bond and then left to pursue their own individual dreams but Zikrr has managed to remain one single Dream of everyone who is associated with it. Everyday, We wake up and take a step forward and try to be better than the last gig.

A bunch of crazy, Fun Loving people, Who in spite of belonging to so many different walks of life have come together and realised that their dream and the goal of Zikrr is the same. We’ve come a long way from playing in front of a handful of people to headlining massive concerts with thousands and thousands of people singing along with us. The Zikrr bandwagon is moving forward one day at a time.